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Wood pellets for bedding

  • Quality:  Bedding wood pellet quality
  • Diameter (mm): 6mm - 8mm
  • Moisture (%): ≤10
  • Packaging: 15 kg, 16 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, Big Bags, Loose
  • Length (mm): 3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40
  • Sulphur (%): ≤ 0,15
  • Hardness (%): ≥ 97,7
  • Bulk density (kg/m3): ≥ 580

  • Availability: 1500 tonnes / month

Product description


Wood pellet horse bedding is the cleaner, comfier, healthier way to care for your horse. Balt Wood Enterprise wood pellets are made from 100% softwood virgin timber. Soak them in water and you’ll find they expand, creating firm, absorbent bedding. The result is a drier, cleaner stall. The reduced exposure to moisture and ammonia improves the hoof condition of your horse. You’ll also find mucking out becomes a faster job, as horse bedding pellets are easy to pick up.
Reduce your horse bedding bills: A 15kg bag of wood pellets is equivalent to around 2 bales of traditional shavings. Use wood pellets for horse bedding and you could dramatically reduce your usage by up to 50% compared to traditional bedding. They’re easier to store and handle too.
Horse bedding wood pellets – for a healthier horse: You won’t find any chemical additives in our wood pellets. The manufacturing process heats the wood pellets, removing allergens, minimising dust and leaving only safe, comfy horse bedding you can trust.


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Today we sell each month more than 3`000 tonnes of different wood pellets and we do not stop there. We are always looking for new sellers/buyers to fulfil all orders.
BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE OÜ is Your key success if You are looking for long tyerm reliable supplier of quality pellets.

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