We buy

BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA is always looking for reliable suppliers.
Since 2001. we have worked with mainly 200 + suppliers in the Baltic States as well as in Western and Eastern Europe.
If You think You are reliable supplier and You are sure we can make great business together - We will be happy to work with You!

Before we start to cooperate, what we need ?

This is vital. Today, when information is all over overloaded, we try to be very specific. It helps to us concentrate on business than "chit-chat". We belive that You have faced the same things in Your business when time matters. To be specific - Time matters always, however, as You grow bigger as company, time matter much more.

No matter You are firewood seller, round log seller or pellet or lumber seller ( etc.. ) - The procedure is the same, before we start to work.

When sending to us offer with Your products, we ask following to include:

  • Full Your and Your company name
  • Your company physical address, company website ( if You have such )
  • Your company email and phone number
  • Product description You sell with specification
  • Amount of total volume You make monthly
  • Amount of total volume You can make for us
  • Seperate photos of product ( This is MUST HAVE ! )
  • Photos of product in factory with some sign this is Your product You sell ( This is MUST HAVE ! )
  • Please mention where You get to know about us

If You will send to us just plain photo of 1 product, we do not think You are reliable supplier.
Yes, we work with Agents, but no matter You are agent or producer - We MUST see REAL photos of Your product and factory.
If that is not possible to do, we are sorry, perhaps we are not best partner for You.
As we have said before - We are serrious in what we do and we are sure You are too if You are reading all this. This shows that You are interested in cooperation with us. As we say - There is no business if both parts are not interested in to find solutions and compromises.

How we pay ?

We can pay by cash prepayment, by bank transfers, Bank acredatives and always interested to find compromises. You can be sure we have a lot of experience so we do not buy "cat in the bag".  We will never send money, if we have not visit Your or Your represented company ( if You are agent ). And before we even think to visit You, we MUST receive things we mentioned before.  No matter where You are located. We MUST have to receive that information we ask for puroses to see You are legit seller.

We try to teach our clients that even we can pay by cash, bank transfer and even prepayment, there is ways to make payments, when everything goes through bank acredatives and You could make Your company to grow much much bigger having guaranteed payment for 1 month or even for 3 years. Yes, that is possible, but why many is not doing that ? If You do not know something, ask. We are here to help You grow.

"If Your business grow - Our business grows too !
Its that simple..."