The Briquette  it can be made by different kind of compacted materials. The raw material of briquette can be forest biomass (from sawmills, furniture factories), industrial waste biomass, vegetal charcoal or simply mixture of all them, for example we produce PEAT briquettes as well.

Our company mostly produce wood sawdust briquettes. They are made from clean sawdust remained from wood processing. Sawdusts are dried and by special presses, using high pressure and heat, pressed at the RUF (bricks), NESTRO (round) or PINY&KAY (with a hole) forms.  Briquettes burn four times longer than firewood, are dust-free, do not leave trash, are easily and conveniently transporting, do not clog chimneys because of low humidity level. Briquettes can be burned in all types of furnaces, boilers or fireplaces. It is a 100% ecological and renewable classified as solid bio-energy, which comes in cylindrical or brick and replaces firewood with many advantages.
Selling on DDU terms, the price depends on the delivery location and the amount of the contract.