About company

BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA is manufacturing and trading company operating in wood material trading - timbers, lumbers, round logs, pellets, wood chips, firewood and other material. Since 2002 trading was done under company "Screen Vision" LTD.  However, BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA was registered in 2015 as seperate  enterprise.

In 2019 "BALTWOOD BIRCH" LTD. was born. This company will focus more on working with birch lumber materials. We have exported hundreds of containers to all over the world with birch lumbers and we don't stop there. Our aim is to add more value to birch lumbers by exporting more END material to customers all over he world. Be sure that everything you read about BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE LTD. is also part of BALTWOOD BIRCH LTD.

BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA today is one of the leading wood trading companies in Latvia. We distribute our material all over the world. We have more than 200 suppliers in different countries for different wood materials and we do not stop there. By working hard and continuously developing, the company now offers many wood materials which we aim in the Baltic States as well as in Western and Eastern Europe. Since its inception, BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA has become one of the largest and most successful companies in Latvia in this field!


The success of BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA is based on the sense of responsibility for our clients. The company prides itself on its accuracy and transparent business in accordance with international standards.

BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA lays special emphasis on the professionalism of its employees and partners. The company selects only well trusted suppliers, where suppliers is checked before we start to cooporate to ensure our clients safety that they will receive the best available quality for purchased materials. BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA maintains the professionalism of its employees and partners with any partner we work with.


BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA believes that everything is possible. We believe in honest and transparent business. No matter You need 1 m3 of highest quality oak lumbers or full ship ( 3500 tonnes ) with wood pellets, we will always do our best to satisfy client expectations. We are always ready for communication, because for us communication shows that buyer and seller is interested in long term cooporation.

BALT WOOD ENTERPRISE SIA is Your one stop success in obtaining timbers, lumbers, round logs, pellets, wood chips, firewood and   other wood material.